How it Works

What are graded readers?

Graded readers are books created specifically for foreign language learners that are written using carefully controlled words and grammar. There are graded readers written in many languages, but in our case, Mandarin Companion graded readers are written for Chinese learners. Graded readers are commonly novels and written at a target difficulty level or “grade.”

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The benefits of using graded readers

Graded readers help you acquire new vocabulary more naturally and at a faster pace. They are an excellent tool to understanding the language more naturally, and streamline your language learning by combining multiple tools in one (dictionaries, text books, sample dialogues, etc.).

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Our three levels

If you want to get the most out of our Chinese Graded Readers, you will want to match your current Chinese level with one of our three levels of graded readers.

These range from 150 known characters to 450 known characters, from “Breakthrough” (beginners) to “Level 2” (intermediate).

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