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Bestselling Chinese Novels for Mandarin Learners

What Mandarin Language Learners are Saying

The value of books like this to language learning can almost not be overstated. These books raised my reading ability, along with other resources, to score a perfect reading score on HSK 3 while studying Chinese only part time, working full time in an English speaking environment in China.

Tanner H (汉天恩)

“We purchased this for our 12-year-old son who has been studying Mandarin for about 6 months. He loved it. It’s often difficult to find materials that are age appropriate but at the same time, language level appropriate – not to mention truly entertaining and fun. This entire series definitely hits the mark.”

Amy, Amazon review

“I think there are two camps of Mandarin learners: those who avoid characters and those who embrace them. I was firmly in the first camp…until I read this book. I don’t think I was fully prepared for how much I would enjoy it, and now I can see the usefulness (and fun) of learning to read Chinese. “

Peter Samet, Author, Amazon review

“I’ve been self studying Chinese for 2 years now and reading the preview pages gave me a feeling of accomplishment. The usual reading material I come in contact with (drama subtitles) are always difficult so it gives me a feeling of not being good at all (which might still be true). But this book gives me the reward I deserve!”

Patrick G., Reddit

“For the first time since I began studying Chinese, I forgot I was studying while I studied. Reading this was different. I just enjoyed the ride. It was enjoyable enough that I could return to it several times. That is the power of fiction.”

Gary, Amazon review

“The best thing about these books? The immense satisfaction of being able to say – “I read a book in Chinese, and I understood it!” A definite boost to the roller coaster difficulty of language learning. I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Mushy, Amazon Review

“Being able to read an extended text for the first time in a new language feels a little like standing on your own two feet before you take those first steps. For me it’s the moment when I’ve felt a real boost for further learning! “

Xi, Amazon review

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