All Traditional Character Editions Available in Paperback

All Traditional Character Editions Available in Paperback

The entire Mandarin Companion series is now available in paperback traditional character editions! Traditional Chinese editions of all of the stories have been available on ebook for a while and we’ve now taken it one step further and made available all of the traditional character versions in paperback as well!

We understand the difficulty for those studying traditional Chinese characters to find the best books to learn Chinese. Sometimes finding traditional Chinese textbooks or other traditional Chinese language books is about as difficult as remembering the stroke order for 齉.

So for all you traditional character types out there, whether your Chinese program only offers traditional Chinese, you have been learning Chinese in Taiwan, or if you have a Taiwanese parent, these traditional Chinese books are for you.

The bonus of the print editions is that you won’t have to download any traditional Chinese language pack! This is Chinese made easy…traditional style. The Mandarin Companion series will put you on the road to better Chinese!

To get your copy, visit our book page, select the title you are interested in, and follow the links to the traditional versions.

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